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Czech Seed Beads

Are you a bead work enthusiast who is very creative and loves creating various unique ornaments from beads? There are just the right beads for you from our unique bead collection at The Bead Shop. This is an online shop that stocks various beads to meet most ornamental or jewelry tastes.


The Beads

From our shop you will find an array of various beads to make your creativity come alive. There are beads such as pearlised beads, PRECIOSA crystal beads, rhinestone beads, wooden beads, glass beads and even bead mixes. However there is a unique kind of beads stocked in our shop known as the Czech seed beads.

The Czech Seed Beads

Seed beads are gaining popularity thanks to the changing fashion styles. Since the come in different colors and shapes, the options to create unique jewelry or home decorative pieces are endless. Some types of Czech Seed Beads are:
  • The Round Seed Beads
  • Oblong Seed Beads
  • Twin Seed Beads
  • Farfalle Seed Beads
  • Bugle seed beads
  • Square Seed Beads

Material Made From

Despite their name as seed beads, our Czech seed beads aren't seeds but made from different materials. The seed bead name is simply used to identify small sized beads. There are those made from glass especially the ones of national origin while there are others made from aluminum or steel.

Their Sizes

Our seed beads are generally small-sized but available in various small sizes to meet your creative needs. If you need to create earrings for example you will need smaller beads for the beadwork. If you want to make a seed bead necklace you will need larger sized ones. But you can mix different sizes to create that contrasting patterned look. Choose your colors accordingly, if you want a bright colored necklace for example, choose a brightly colored beads. When you require a unique coordination of bright colors in your necklace simply choose several suitable bright colored beads.

What to make

Czech seed beads can be used to make not only beautiful jewelry but they can also be used to knit home decorative pieces such as a beaded wall hanging, you could also make cute beaded buttons for clothing, lovely key-holders and so on.
Czech seed beads are indeed a unique kind, simply visit our online store The Bead Shop and order now.
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