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Bugle Beads

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Czech seed beads in the shape of a roller are known as PRECIOSA bugles or rods. The production technology for PRECIOSA bugles is similar to that used for PRECIOSA rocailles, however the cut rods with various shaped holes (round, square or hexagonal) are not rounded, but are merely fine tumbled in order to smooth off any sharp edges and heat polished. In order to produce an increased and more effective sparkle, PRECIOSA bugles are produced with a twisted or extra twisted hole or surface which in PRECIOSA bugles can be round or square, straight or twisted. The variability of the PRECIOSA bugles is therefore enormous.




Creative individuals who would love to create lovely ornamental jewelry from necklaces, bracelets, rings and various home decorative pieces have yet again another option in the form of bugle beads.



Our online shop, The Bead Shop has various bugle beads stocked to suit various creative needs. These are simply Czech seed beads that are shaped like a roller. They are also called PRECIOSA bugles or simply rods. They are beautiful and the end result after making something is quite unique. They are available in various shaped holes which are round, hexagonal and square.They also come in various colors to enable anyone creative come up with a unique symphony of colors for their creation.

Bugle Beads Ideas

Bugle beads work perfectly in strands and fringes. They can be used to make several strand necklaces and bracelets. They are also perfect when used to decorate fabrics. If for example you want a decorated table cloth with certain colors to match your home décor, you can use bugle beads to form a pattern on a plain colored cloth. Incorporate various colors of the beads to form an intricate pattern that will be attractive.

A Decorated Purse

You can also use bugle beads to create a decorated purse. Purses made from bugle beads are very attractive and unique. All you have to do is simply choose a slightly tough fabric like denim for example. Make a purse with the fabric and draw decorative patterns with a pen as guidelines for sewing on the bugle beads. The end result is normally this artistic looking purse that you can carry around proudly. It will definitely draw several admiring glances.
Bugle beads are great, especially if you want an artistic kind of DIY project. You can make lots of things with them and proudly showcase them. Take a look at the wide variety of bugle beads available at our online shop and your creative wheels will start churning. Visit our online shop now and make an order of various colored bugle beads.
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