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Oblong Beads

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Find beauty of Oblong beads

Czech Seed Beads offers you large selection of beads to browse through.
Let us focus on the Oblong beads. Oblong seed beads are very practical as their shape enables one to complement other types of seed beads seamlessly and originally. 

Oblong seed beads are rectangular types of beads, therefore are more elongated than the square beads. As a result they are slightly bigger, measuring 5mm by 3.5mm. 


Oblong beads on Czech Seed Beads

Our range of oblong seed beads is vast as we stock different colors and tones in an attempt to cater for different clients’ preferences and needs. The metallic range includes Metallic Copper, Metallic Amethyst, and Metallic Dark. Then there is the Transparent range that comprises of Transparent Dark Topaz, Transparent Dark Amethyst, Orange, Green, Blue, Garnet, and Turquoise oblong beads. We then have the lined range. This includes the Silver Lined Light Topaz, Silver Lined Dark Topaz, Silver Lined Fuchsia, and Pink Lined Crystal. Finally, we have the special types. These are the Jet AB Coated and the Garnet Dots AB.

Browsing through the various oblong beads that we have in stock is quiet exciting since we have so many colors to choose from. Browsing through the different types of seed beads is practically never ending as there innumerable types. But one thing is for sure – all of the seed beads sold here are of top notch quality and at very competitive prices.

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