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Rocaille Seed Beads




Czech Seed Beads

Are you looking for a unique way to spice up your look or home? Look no further; our beads will make you stand out simply because your bead decorated ornaments, jewelry or home artwork will look spectacular.

Are you looking for a unique color blends from different bead materials and shapes that will make your crafts look more valuable without having actually spent a lot of money? You are in the right place! At Czech Seed Beads we pride ourselves for having a large variety of seed beads of the best quality and in different colors and designs that will surely make your ornaments, jewelry and other crafts look delightful.  

While beadwork is one of the most popular types of crafts in the world, seed beads tend to be the most popular type of beads. We stock many types of seed beads such as rocaille beads, farfalle beads, bugle beads, oblong beads and square beads among others for those with different preferences. Our beads come in various shapes and sizes as well. Needless to say, they are also available in a vast array of colors, enabling one to be as creative and as colorful as can be!

Beads are used for many art projects and crafts. They are small, colorful and affordable, yet the possibilities of the creations that you can make with them are endless.

This is why our customers end up being spoilt for choice when browsing through our selections of beads. We are constantly introducing new colors and designs to give you a wider range of options.

Offering high quality seed beads at the most affordable prices, we are definitely one of the best choices you can possibly make. Moreover, all our beads are of high quality and we guarantee that you will not regret having chosen us as your supplier of beads. We are the top seller and people who love beadwork can testify that we have the most comprehensive seed bead selections on the market.


What kinds of seed beads are we offering?

At Czech Seed Beads, you can choose from seed beads, magic bead mixes, seed bead mixes, rocaille bead mixes, bugle bead mixes and oblong bead mixes. Each of these have unique blends of colors and designs that give countless options for anyone who cares about standing out in a crowd. We certainly have something for everyone!

We offer a large inventory comprising of different sizes, colors and types of seed beads. You can choose from large seed beads, seed beads size 6/0, seed beads size 8/0 and seed beads size 11/0. 

Our big seed beads come in silver lined olive drive, silver lined garnet, topaz mix, bronze, green luster, silver lined light topaz and the happy mix. This vast range enables people to choose based on their needs and preferences.

If you prefer seed beads size 6/0, you can choose from our large inventory that comprises copper, bronze or silver lined amethyst, transparent turquoise luster, metallic iris gold, pink luster, metallic iris amethyst, and Bordeaux Lined Crystal. There are also the Bronze Lined Olive, Turquoise Lined Crystal, Bronze Lined Crystal Rainbow, Silver Lined Aqua, Silver Lined Indigo and Gold Lined Crystal among others. 

Furthermore, you can check out our seed beads size 8/0 that come in a wide range of colors and design features including the Silver Lined Ruby, Silver Lined Crystal, Transparent Ruby Rainbow, Pink Lined Crystal Luster and many others. 

Likewise, you can also look at our seed beads size 11/0 to see what we have to offer; you will find Old Pink Lined Crystal, Raspberry-Lined Crystal, Butter Cream Luster and Light Topaz Rainbow. 

They all come in beautiful colors and designs to meet the diverse needs of different customers. 

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